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Older Project- 2009 to 2011
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GOWO aims to provide housing to retired & retiring Govt. Officers & families. This is done by tying up with various builders/ developers / agencies & numerous other entities. GOWO does not construct any properties on its own. Today a large No of Govt. Officers & families have a requirement of buying a house & are unable to do so because of high prices. W.e.f. Jan 2016, we are initiating a reverse auction process for buyers. Where Buyer posts his requirement and maximum budget. Builders / developers / sellers who are willing to bid lowest will be able to sell their property through GOWO. Thereby enabling GOWO members to buy a house at the cheapest possible price.

Similarly, Sellers can fill up the requisite form and quote their base/lowest / reserve price. the buyer bidding highest will be able to buy the house. This will be a manual process initially & we are trying to digitise / automate the process. GOWO will not charge any money from existing GOWO members if they are buying / selling any property through GOWO. However all other new buyers which includes all non GOWO members, their families, Govt officers, and sellers viz. individuals, builders, developers, would be required to pay to GOWO Rs.10,000/- each, once the sale/purchase agreement is signed in GOWO office.
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GOWO endeavours to provide helping hand especially to retired and retiring government officials to procure affordable housing from any private builders who will provide houses at a price which will be lower than the market value of the area at the prevalent time of booking the house. GOWO’s primary endeavour is to assist and facilitate retiring and retired government officials. To make evident the aims and objectives of the trust, GOWO was conceived as a public charitable Trust.
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